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Look No Further Than Millicent Signature Boutique!

My Sisters!… This is your home away from home. Immediately, you will see fashion that will fit perfectly into your own closet. Our goal here at Millicent Signature Boutique is to bring you the latest in stylish clothing, while adhering to your own personal budget. Millicent Signature Boutique carries the latest trends & Chic’ Perfect clothing for every occasion.


About The Owner:  Rochelle Hainey



Hey there Queens! My name is Rochelle, and I am the owner of Millicent Signature Boutique. I launched my business in 2020. Millicent was aspired by my mother Reese’s health diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Millicent means, “A Strong Woman.” And that is the very definition of my Mom. Every time I see her,  she is flashing her big smile while sitting tall & strong in her wheel chair. I Love Fashion!  My daily quest of being authentically me, while showcasing my trendy fashion style, I want to share with you. Allow Millicent Signature Boutique to help facilitate YOUR OWN Fashion Authenticity!  A goal of Millicent Signature Boutique is to assist you in creating & updating your own great fashion that matches your style and personality. Fashion is definitely a mood changer and can ultimately determine how you feel. I want to make sure that you ALWAYS feel beautiful, strong, and authentically YOU, when you wear Millicent Signature Boutique fashions!

Thank-You for experiencing some of the Millicent Movement! I value every minute that you spend with us.  Please continue to check out what Millicent Signature has to offer each week, as we are currently updating our inventory.

Peace and Blessings!